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Desert Ikat Kimono
I studied painting, drawing, sculpture, and traditional art methods at Pratt Institute
to earn a BFA. 
The '60s and '70s were a wild, wide-open time, of great change socially and historically. Pratt was not alone in political and curriculum upheaval, but with it came the freedom to try textile techniques to create work.
"In the late 1960s, a group of Pratt Institute students began crocheting their class assignments. The technique was not part of the curriculum and as they inspired each other they helped launch a new art movement. Art to Wear—also called Artwear or wearable art—emerged from the anti-establishment counterculture of the decade and reconsidered what art could be. Rather than static objects made for display in a gallery, the movement’s creations were meant to be worn as living art."*
The pieces on this page were commissions.
If you click, you can enlarge, see attributions, and download or share, as desired.
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