Cover of Art to Wear by Julie Schafler Dale,

Sharron Hedges studied drawing, sculpture and more traditional art methods at Pratt Institute. In the following years, she explored many textile techniques to create her artwork. She helped develop and became a leader in the early ArtWear movement.


While still producing art pieces, Sharron gained valuable commercial experience as a knitwear designer, traveling and working in Hong Kong and other textile producing countries. At home in NYC, she then founded a print design 

studio, selling original patterns as well as providing repeats and colorings to the apparel industry. 


Her artwear has been exhibited in national and international group shows, most recently  at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, in the exhibit 'OFF THE WALL--American Art To Wear' 

Sharron continues to work in both fiber and pattern design in her new home state of North Carolina.


Julie Schafler Dale from Art To Wear:

"...While Sharron's work is ephemeral and fluid, it is also demanding and firm. Her strength is grounded in …years of discipline, technique, evaluation, and determination…Sharron’s most cherished muse is color itself: the subtle optical illusions, the vibrancy achieved through juxtaposing colors, bouncing them off one another…As Sharron moves further away from crochet...what has not changed is the consummate craftsmanship and discipline Sharron brings to all she touches..."

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