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Cover of Art to Wear by Julie Schafler Dale,
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I studied drawing, sculpture and more traditional art methods at Pratt Institute for a BFA.  It was a wild, wide-open time, of great change socially and historically, with a freedom to try many textile techniques to create work. As it turned out, along with friends working in the same vein, my knit/crochet, and fiber work helped to develop the early ArtWear movement.  My pieces have been exhibited in national and international

group shows.

Julie Schafler Dale from

Art To Wear:

"...While Sharron's work is ephemeral and fluid, it is also demanding and firm. Her strength is grounded in …years of discipline, technique, evaluation, and determination…Sharron’s most cherished muse is color itself: the subtle optical illusions, the vibrancy achieved through juxtaposing colors, bouncing them off one another…As Sharron moves further away from crochet...what has not changed is the consummate craftsmanship and discipline Sharron brings to all she touches..."


While still producing art pieces, I traveled and worked in Hong Kong and other

textile-producing countries for five years, gaining valuable experience

in commercial knitwear and retail.

Once I was permanently back home in NYC, I wanted a faster pace and branched out into a totally new direction: a print design studio, selling original patterns as well as providing repeats and colorings to the apparel industry. I started out with traditional guache,

watercolor and airbrush, and as computers took over, made the

transition to include digital output.

A few years ago I left my heart in New York City,  but still work in both fiber and pattern design in my new home in North Carolina. Here I'm able to grow gardens, always a passion for me, and they are now inspiring a new way of making art.

I've gardened for so many years and always have marveled at the forms, the color, the life that explodes over and over again, in awe at each sight. And while I never get tired of being able to experience this, I'm really excited to tap into the amazing life of plants in a different way. Ecoprinting has truly given me a great renewal in life, and in art. I am beyond excited to work with this process.

To see new work and find out more about my ecoprint series of fine art limited edition giclee prints, and my expansion into print-on-demand fabric and home decor, follow me on Instagram.

Also, check back here for a new storefront coming soon.

For inquiries on work and licensing or sale of designs and prints:

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